Thomas Kuoh

Marketing Photographer

Strategic planning, sales analysis, proving ROI, A/B testing, iterative versioning; these are the thoughts that keep us awake at night. At Kuoh Photography we lose sleep, so you don’t have to.

“The best photo is the one that achieves and exceeds your marketing goals.” – Thomas Kuoh

Need a Free 1-hr Strategic Consultation?
Multi-Platform, Multi-Channel

Be it Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, even snapchat; we will make sure that your images will look good in their various crops and safe-areas.

A/B Testing

Are you converting? As part of our strategic consulting, we assist in creating iterative plans based on your A/B Testing results.

Optimization Consulting

We work with you after the shoot to track thru analytics the success of the images and strategize for future iterations to ensure the best product-market fit.

On-Site Approval

Using the latest hardware and software, we’ve streamlined the approval process so you can be confident you’ve got the shot. We work with your templates and guides to avoid any costly errors.


The best retouching looks like no retouching at all, yet a 2-d image simply does not provide the same depth as being there, so the primary purpose of our expert retouching is to provide a fuller experience.

Strategic Consulting

We can help you prioritize marketing strategies and be surgical with your marketing dollars. Our focus is on your ROI and getting you results.

Ann Sacks
Balsam Hill
House Beautiful
Restoration Hardware

Creative, open-minded, driven.

Marko Medenica
Product Management, Google

Thomas is a rare blend of creative and analytical and will be enormously successful as a professional photographer as his business develops. I think Thomas will benefit from networking with other entrepreneurs, and will be a great resource for your members as well. Thomas is a true renaissance man with multiple creative talents that he leverages to build his business, enrich his life and help his friends and colleagues.

Laurie Furber
Founder, Elsie Green House and Home

Thomas is an extremely creative and talented photographer, who has been able to turn his passion for photography and capturing beauty into a successful business. Thomas approaches all of his endeavors with a thoughtful and creative POV, that is well balanced with business acumen and drive to succeed.

Kathleen Korb
Art Director, Williams-Sonoma

Thomas is creative, forward-thinking and enjoys “pushing the envelope” to make things better than what they are.

Shellane Holgado
Art Director, Hanna Andersson

Thomas is the type of person that naturally inspires the people around him to see the world for all its opportunities and to consider ways t o create positive change. His intelligence and drive coupled with excellent interpersonal skills are all the stuff of a great entrepreneur.

Jonathon Stage, P.E.
Senior Engineer, Newcomb | Anderson | McCormick

Thomas is clearly driven deeply by the need to generate value for his business’s customers. He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met, constantly focused on balancing the goals of his customers with his own drive towards perfection. His communication is graceful and full of insight, his end product is stunning, and he’s a lot of fun to work with.

Chris Pryor
Senior UX Designer, Yammer, Inc.

Thomas is a natural talent and a passionate person for life and his work

Mac Harman
Founder & CEO, Balsam Brands

Thomas is an incredible talent with a keen eye and insatiable drive. Beyond his obvious creative skills, he’s kind, easy to work with and a total pro.

Kimberly Senn
Founder, Senn & Sons